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Tape Storage Technology

Tape is the long standing dominant force in long term data archiving and data backup. Recent developments in disk based backup systems have begun to encroach upon areas of the market but tape has held its ground, especially with the advent of LTO Ultrium and developments in high end tape storage from IBM and Oracle/Sun/STK such as the T1000. Data storage on tape is a broad subject area covering a diverse array of storage devices, some of which are described in more detail here.

RAID Storage Technology

RAID in its many implementations is the accepted method for improving performance and reliability in multiple-disk based data storage systems. From simple mirroring and striping techniques through to the complex nesting of RAID types in RAID01 and RAID5x, RAID is with us in all area of data storage. RAID is not foolproof, and can still fail with the resultant need for RAID data recovery, but if used correctly it can enhance most data storage environments.

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