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Tape and Optical Data Restoration Services

Data backup used to be just that, keep backing up everything and hope there are not too many restore requests to interfere with the backup window. The result, a lot of tapes, TBs or more of data and the need to keep creaking IT infrastructure running for several years more than planned so that restore requests, or regulatory demands for the disclosure of email or other documents can be satisfied.

Recent events in the motor industry demonstrate that whilst your business might have little need to look at data from several years ago, there are many people who certainly might want to inspect data going back many years and who could come looking for it with legal backing.

Altirium’s optical and tape restoration services gives you the security of knowing your data can be restored without the burden of maintaining legacy systems, old tape backup software set-ups, and keeping that last DLT drive running. So when you need to restore tape, you can just call on the tape restore service.

Altirium’s restoration software allows the restoration of NetWare backups to Windows servers, NDMP backups without the EMC Celerra or NetApp filer the data originated from, and has even been used to resurrect archive film footage from PresStore backups for the Christmas TV schedule and phone messaging data from an archive of 5GB optical disks. One a regular basis Altirium restore data backup up using a wide range of applications such as Arcserve, Commvault Galaxy, EMC NetWorker, Symantec NetBackup and Backup Exec, HP Data Protector and IBM TSM.

For any requirement from a single LTO restore through to the cataloguing and restoration of a legacy tape estate of thousands of DLT, LTO and other media, Altirium can scale an operation to meet you restoration needs.

Data Conversion Services

Tape Conversion and Optical Disk Conversion services can give you access to data from tapes and disks that you cannot read because you either do not have the correct drive, or else do not have the application to restore the files. Whereas with media such as CD-ROM and DVD there is a level of standardisation, for example the MAC, Windows and Linux will all access a CD that contains data written in compliance with the ISO9660 standard, the situation with backup tapes and some optical storage is not so benign. To restore the data from a backup tape you need not only to have a drive that can physically read data from the tape, but also the correct backup application. To further complicate matters, if the data on the tape is from a radically different system (e.g. AS/400) the opportunity to find an application that can understand the data is not readily available.

Altirium's tape and optical disk data conversion service gives you access to data from a wide range of storage media and data formats and dramatically reduces the time that would otherwise be required to identify the source of data, the applications that have been used and then to attempt to configure a system to restore the required data files.

Data Migration Service

Technology moves at a tremendous pace, and keeping up can be a tortuous process. A tape archive that has grown over several years might now be using tape media that is bordering on becoming obsolete and use an archival format that you no longer want to maintain. Sustaining the level of data availability that is required for data protection, or to comply with regulatory requirements, can lead to an already pressed IT department having to maintain legacy tape hardware, server infrastructure and obsolete tape software. Also, as an archive grows the physical space requirement and costs grow with it.

Altirium's data migration service gives data availability without the anguish of system maintenance. An entire, or partial, transfer of the contents of a tape archive can be made to newer and often vastly higher capacity media which reduces the space required, and lessens the risk that a tape might become unreadable because the hardware can no longer be maintained to read it. A tape migration process can also entail a change in the backup architecture so, for example, those DLT tapes containing NetWare ARCserve backups can be migrated to LTO4 with several times the capacity, and converted so that they can be read under Windows without the need to maintain a NetWare server.

Computer Forensics

Computer data forms the basis for the evidence in much criminal and civil litigation, but there has been a massive increase in the volume of data stored and so the sheer scale of the operation to locate evidence can be daunting, and there are often tight deadlines for the production of evidence that cannot be met without professional assistance.

A tape archive, for example, may contain an invaluable "snap-shot" of system activity that could be essential to support on-going litigation, for example email records going back over several years, yet the effort to create systems to which the data can be restored and then to process the tapes can be prohibitive. Altirium's computer forensic service specialises in the processing of tape archives for legal purposes, or to support compliance and governance requirements, and can process large volumes of tape media quickly to meet the most rigid deadlines.

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