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Altirium’s Data Recovery service is here to help you with ANY problem and ANY data storage media. Altirium’s technical experts have the skills that you need to recover your data from hard disk drive, backup tape, RAID or any form of removable media.

Altirium’s phones are answered 24 hours each day, and you can also submit questions to a technical specialist via the On-Line Enquiry Form or via email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Even if you are not sure that a data recovery service is what you need there is no harm in asking questions, and speaking with an specialist could be a very wise move.

Hard Disk Drive Data Recovery

Altirium recovers data from any type of hard disk drive, whether it be a laptop disk, a server volume, an external USB or Firewire device. So, if you have a hard disk that just clicks or your system is reporting read errors, help is only a phone call away.

RAID Data Recovery

RAID systems feature prominently in the IT strategy of most businesses, from mirrored server volumes up to the error correcting RAID systems that are used to store the corporate email or database systems. The loss of data from a RAID system can be catastrophic, which is why Altirium’s Data Recovery professionals have developed a wide ranging capability to recover data from all types of RAID system.

Tape Data Recovery

When a system fails and you find that you cannot restore from last night’s backup, or that tape you took from the archive to get back those critical documents or email does not want to be read, then Altirium’s Tape Data Recovery service could be just what you need. Altirium’s Tape Recovery specialists have over 25 years of experience recovering data from every type of tape data storage from the early ½" open reel tapes right up to the LTO and DLT drives of today.

NAS Data Recovery

NAS devices are used increasingly in the corporate IT, domestic and SMB markets. NAS devices provide an easy to use managed storage area via a network, and as hardware costs have plummeted their use as domestic media servers has increased dramatically. Altirium’s RAID Data Recovery specialists can recover data from any of the RAID configurations and file systems currently used in NAS devices.

Whatever the problem Altirium’s Data Recovery specialists are here to help you with advice, information and (if required) a professional Data Recovery Service that will get you up and running again quickly.

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