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files-magnifierEach day brings new data recovery, data conversion or computer forensic work. Some of this work is relatively straightforward, certainly not noteworthy, but others provide a good illustration of what can be achieved when even the most favourable odds are stacked pretty highly against a successful conclusion. The case studies herein are included to cover a broad set of data recovery, data migration and other data related areas, and to make interesting reading.

Restoration service for EMC Networker NDMP archives


This is a case study about an NDMP restoration project, if you need to use our tape restoration service for your NDMP backups contact us at any time using the details on the right of the page or click here to be taken to our tape restoration section.


Managing a tape archive once the hardware and application environment has been retired is a problem faced by many an IT department. Do you attempt to maintain enough of the legacy systems to be able to maintain some semblance of a restore capability, or do you look to a specialist tape restoration services company for the answer?

Last Updated (Wednesday, 11 November 2015 10:31)

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Magstar 3570 AS/400 to LTO Unix Data Conversion

Restoring data from tapes when you no longer have the drive to read them can be problematic. Add to this a change of operating platform from AS/400 to UNIX and the need to therefore restore AS/400 objects on a UNIX system in a usable form, and the problems increase dramatically. This was the case for one customer and it was beginning to look as if they would need to re-instate their original system to have any chance of accessing the data, then they contacted Altirium.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 14 October 2015 14:11)

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Water, Water Everywhere

When a hard disk is immersed in water can it just be dried off an re-used? The short answer is "no", so what problems will be caused to a hard drive by flood water, or water from any other source? At first sight a hard disk drive that has been sitting in flood water for 3 weeks looks doomed, but sometimes the data can be recovered so long as the correct procedures are followed and the hardware engineers are adequately skilled.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 17 June 2009 14:37)

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Come out, come out wherever you are

Knowing that your data exists on a set of tapes, but being unable to access it, can be a frustrating experience especially when there is noting actually "wrong" with the tapes and the data is almost certainly intact. This was the situation one of our customers faced with their Tivoli TSM archive when the expiration date had been incorrectly set and the TSM application [quite correctly] decided that the tapes no longer contained any data that was required. The question to us was "could our tape data recovery service recover the data?".

Last Updated (Wednesday, 17 June 2009 16:04)

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