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Tape vs Disk For Backup and Data Recovery

Tape is being challenged by a new breed of disk based data backup devices and platforms, the ability to backup and restore without the challenge of understanding the tape backup environment, and the addition of additional functionality such as de-duplication make disk based backup an appealing prospect. So, is disk supplanting tape as the data backup platform of choice, or is tape still the dominant force for backup and archive?

Last Updated (Wednesday, 14 October 2015 14:07)

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Care of Computer Backup Tapes

The backing up of data to tape is only part of the battle against data loss, if it cannot be restored a backup is valueless. It is surprising then that often the most meticulous backup procedures are followed up by inadequate media handling and storage. The tape manufacturers publish guidelines giving information about the correct environmental conditions for tape storage and proper handling techniques, and following these is a must if data loss and the need for data recovery are to be avoided.

Last Updated (Wednesday, 17 June 2009 13:55)

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Data Erasure

There are times when ensuring that data cannot be recovered is of vital importance. Personal information pertaining to, for example, bank accounts, healthcare and criminal activity has been found on hard disk drives in systems that have been disposed of insecurely. Can data ever be truly be erased from a hard drive? Some people say not, but some assertions about the recovery of data belong squarely in the realm of science fiction. So, how can we ensure that the data has gone?

Last Updated (Thursday, 18 June 2009 15:31)

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