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Tape Data Recovery Service

Do you need a data recovery from a backup tape or archive set? Do you have a DLT or LTO that is reporting errors? Is your backup software failing to restore data from your tape? Is the tape containing your valuable data damaged? How can you get the files that you need recovered quickly?

Altirium’s tape data recovery service, based upon 3 decades of tape recovery experience, gives you the service you need for the recovery of your data. Whether you have an LTO with read errors, a snapped DLT or an AIT drive than clicks and then refuses to yield data, Altirium’s tape data recovery experts are here recover your data.

Altirium’s free tape data recovery diagnosis means that not only will your backup tape be worked upon by a tape recovery expert with many years of experience, but until the diagnosis is completed and a report produced detailing what data can be recovered and you agree to the costs for the work, the process will not have cost you anything.

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Data Recovery from ANY backup tape ANY backup format
  • Symantec BackupExec
  • CA ARCserve
  • IBM Tivoli TSM
  • EMC Legato Networker
  • VERITAS NetBackup
  • Retrospect
  • TapeWare
  • IBM AS/400
  • VMS Backup

Tape Data Recovery Service

Tape data recovery is more than the ability to recover physical data from a tape, it requires detailed knowledge of the backup format in use and the ability to recover files from within the archive. Altirium’s tape data recovery specialists have this understanding, so whether you have an ARCserve or Backup Exec backup from a standalone Windows system, or a Tivoli or NetWorker multi-platform archive, your data can be recovered.

Physical tape problems. These usually relate to wear and tear, mechanical tape drive failure, or external factors such as human error, fire or flood. The mechanical operation of a tape is stressful and so any minor problems can be made much worse if a damaged tape is inserted into a drive. Altirium's tape data recovery experts always take the time to inspect the tape media for damage, to remove any contaminants in the case of flood or smoke damage, and to ensure that the problem will not be turned into a disaster.

Logical tape problems. The physical recovery of data from a tape is only part of the tape data recovery process. A tape is a piece of data storage media to which data can be written and read back, without any consideration for file names, directory structures, or anything relating to the data as the human sees it. Organisation of the data within a backup is dealt with by a backup application (for example UNIX tar, or Windows BackupExec). If the need for tape recovery stems from a logical problem within the backup set, or the tape is damaged and so not all of the data can be recovered, then additional processing is needed to recover the files. Altirium's tape data recovery specialists have been recovering data from tapes since the days of 1/2 open reel tapes in the early 1980s and have experience of just about every tape backup format. Even if a new format is encountered Altirium's software engineers have the ability to create new recovery utilities to deal with it, and to do this quickly.

Altirium’s tape data recovery service has its basis in a detailed technical understanding of both the tape drive hardware and the backup formats used for data file storage. At Altirium's software lab, in the UK near London, tape data recovery utilities are developed and tested to give low-level control of the tape data recovery process. So, once the data from a tape backup or entire backup archive set has been secured, it is examined thoroughly by an experienced specialist who can identify any problems and work out the answers. This ensures that the tape data recovery process is undertaken in a thorough and professional manner and that the most complete tape recovery will be achieved.

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