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NAS Data Recovery Service

Do you need a data recovery from a NAS system? Are multiple hard drive failures being reported from your NAS systems disk array? Does the unit fail to start and then report errors? Has a rebuild been started and failed?

Altirium’s NAS data recovery service gives you the opportunity to recover your data quickly and completely. Whether you have a NAS with a RAID 5 array and multiple drives being reported as off-line, or a NAS device to which you cannot connect, Altirium’s NAS hard drive data recovery experts will recover your data.

Altirium’s free NAS data recovery diagnosis means that not only will your NAS, be worked upon by a NAS and RAID recovery expert with many years of experience, but until the diagnosis is completed and a report produced detailing what data can be recovered and the costs for the work, the process has not cost you anything.

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Recovery from File System RAID Types
  • Failed disks
  • Corrupted file system
  • Electronic Failure
  • Configuration Loss
  • Physical Damage
  • Water or fire damage
  • Ext2/Ext3/Ext4
  • XFS
  • Hardware RAID
  • Logical RAID
  • RAID 0
  • RAID 1
  • RAID 5
  • RAID 10
  • Other RAID levels

NAS Hard Drive Data Recovery Service

Whilst many NAS devices provide an easy to manage data storage facility combined with the additional protection of RAID 5 or above, things can still go wrong. Altirium's NAS data recovery services have been used by home users to recover their life's photograph and video collections, SMBs whose accounts have become unavailable and corporations desperate to recover archives of technical documents.

NAS builds upon the established file server approach by providing a system that is dedicated for data storage. Rather than beginning with a computer system then progressing to add an operating system, controller cards, and finally some form of data storage (commonly some form of RAID array with error correction to protect against data loss), then going through the pain of configuring this new system for your network, NAS gives you a pre-configured and dedicated server and storage facility virtually ready to go.

NAS devices provide a convenient and easy to manage mechanism for storing data. Originating as a packaged server/disk array combination aimed at small to medium sized networks NAS is now used for domestic media centres, SMB work group storage and even as a composite part of SAN architectures.

As with RAID and hard disk storage the types of problems include hardware failure and file system corruption, and require the expertise of Altirium's experienced NAS data recovery engineers and software experts.

Altirium’s NAS hard disk drive data recovery service is founded upon a strong technical understanding of both the hardware, the different levels of RAID organisation and file systems used within NAS devices. At Altirium's software lab, in the UK near London, NAS, RAID and file system data recovery utilities are developed and tested to give the best possible result from the data recovery process, starting with the recovery of data from the disk drives up to the eventual recovery of the data files. Once the data from a NAS device has been secured, it is examined thoroughly by an experienced specialist who can readily identify any problems before any attempts to recover files are made, thus ensuring that the data recovery process is undertaken in a controlled and professional manner and that the best result is achieved.

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