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Data Migration Service

Do you have a tape archive to maintain, but is now using obsolete tape technology? Is your business changing its computing platforms? Has you tape or optical archive grown too large and become unmanageable?

Altirium’s data migration service, based upon 3 decades of tape and data migration and data conversion experience, gives you the service you need to give you access to your data. Whether you have a small number of backup tapes to process or an archive comprising thousands, Altirium’s data migration and data conversion experts will help you regain control of your data.

Restoration services offer an alternative to moving all of your data, Altirium can provide a restoration-on-demand services so that you can dispose of legacy backup and IT infrastructure but still restore from your backups when needed.

Altirium’s free data migration analysis and planning service means that the initial requirement and outline of required processes will be identified and agreed before any costs are incurred.

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Data Migration Services Tape Migration Services Data Conversion Services
  • Migrating between AS/400 and Windows or UNIX?
  • Integrating data from incompatible systems?
  • Changing your company's data backup regime?
  • Compliance led re-organisation of data?
  • Upgrading archive to high capacity media?
  • High-availability data requirement?
  • Importing "foreign" tapes into your archive?
  • Maintaining legacy data?
  • Tape Conversion Services
  • Optical disk conversion
  • AS/400 to Windows or UNIX interchange
  • WORM disk transfer

Data Migration Services

Data Migration

Data Migration is the transfer of data from one system to another usually with the aim of upgrading to to faster, or more manageable technology. Tape and optical data archival technology has developed rapidly over recent years, with massive increases in capacity and performance. Systems for managing data have also matured greatly with basic backup applications being superseded by complex data archive management suites.

Keeping up with the changes is no mean feat, most IT departments are under cost constraints that make managing each data a challenge, sorting out a data archive that has grown over the previous 20 years is one of those tasks that can always wait for another day, or can it?

As technology develops so older storage mechanisms become left behind. DLT IV was the predominant tape data storage technology at the turn of the century, but no one supplies new drives that can read the tapes today. NetWare ruled the networking market during the 1990s, but has mostly been replaced by Windows and Linux, so how do you get data back from your archive of NetWare backups?

Optical and Tape Migration Services

To maintain a tape or optical archive requires more than just media storage. What is the purpose of the archive if the data cannot be recovered when needed? So the hardware to read the tapes or optical disks is needed, as is the application that put the data on them and the environment under which it was done.

Altirium's data migration and data conversion service can take away the need to all of this, by transferring the data to new media and to be read using you current backup application. With additional services such as selective processing and data de-duplication the upgrade to higher capacity technology can drastically reduce the space required for your archive whilst ensure data availability for years to come.

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