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Do you have a backup tape or optical disk that you need to read? If you do not have the correct drive, backup software or file system support how can you access the data? How long will it take to find the required equipment and get a system set-up to read the files that you need?

Altirium’s data conversion and data migration service, based upon 3 decades of tape and data conversion experience, gives you the service you need to give you access to your data. Whether you have an LTO and need a tape conversion service to transfer the data to DLT, a magneto-optical disk containing data from a VMS system with files that you need to be able to access under Windows, Altirium’s data conversion experts will give you access to your data.

Altirium’s free data conversion analysis means that if you cannot be certain how the data was written to the tape or other storage media you can have it examined by a data conversion and data migration expert who will report back regarding what is on the tape and discuss with you the service that you need before an quotation is issued. This way you can be sure to get the service that you need and do not incur any costs until the process has been agreed to your satisfaction.

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Data Conversion Services Tape Conversion Services Optical & Disk Conversion
  • AS/400 to PC data interchange
  • Backup software migration
  • Obsolete backup restoration
  • Backup restore from tape to disk
  • Data migration services
  • Tape to tape transfer
  • Tape drive technology upgrade
  • Transfer from obsolete media
  • Tape duplication and distribution
  • Tape migration services
  • WORM disk transfer
  • Optical disk conversion
  • DVD/CD archive conversion
  • Floppy disk transfer

Data Conversion Services

Data Conversion

Data Conversion is a term that covers a wide range of services from the simple transfer of data from a single MS-DOS formatted floppy disk through to data migration from an entire Tivoli TSM tape archive to be accessed using Backup Exec. Although the reliance of computer stored data has grown massively over the past 30 years there has been little in the development of standards when it comes to how data is stored. As a consequence you might find you have the correct drive to read a tape, but unless you have the correct software you will require a tape data conversion process if you are to gain access to any data.

Tape Conversion

Tape Conversion is the process of transferring data from backup tapes either to other backup tapes or to some alternate medium. Estimates put the volume of data stored worldwide in tape at approximately 60%, yet the ability to interchange data between different tape formats of data storage is rare.

Take, for example, a 4mm DAT containing data from an AS400 and attempt to read data from it using a 4mm DAT on a Windows or UNIX system. The best you might manage is to perform a raw data transfer and so end up with a sequence of inaccessible files, each actually being a SAVLIB backup. An additional data conversion process is required to abstract the objects contained, and to convert them into a form that is usable away from the AS/400

Optical Disk Conversion

Magneto Optical disks and various types or WORM disks became popular during the 1990s for archival data storage, especially within areas such as banking and medical scanning. Relatively high in capacity with a reasonable cost per megabyte and rated for long term data storage they represented an ideal archival medium.

Hard drive and tape technology have long surpassed magneto optical storage and over time the hardware to read the disks is becoming scarce yet the data stored on the optical disks might be required for another 20 years or longer. An optical disk data conversion service can allow you to update to contemporary technology, verify your data, and allow for the easy creation of additional backup copies of your data

Floppy Disk Conversion

It might come as a surprise, but there is still a lot of data stored in the world on 5.25" and 3.5" floppy diskettes. Design projects and financial data that have been accrued over many years and are sitting in folders in a safe or cupboard. Often this data is no longer needed, but if it contains the designs for a public building or facility there might be legal consequences if it is lost or destroyed. The data from in excess of 3,000 3.5" diskettes can be stored on a single 4.5GB DVD, so a floppy disk data conversion service could be just what is needed to verify the data, and secure it on more modern media.

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