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Data Recovery from Corrupted Data

Are you unable to access your data? Do you have an Exchange Server but errors prevent access to your email, or an SQL database with table corruption that is preventing the system from operating?

Altirium's data recovery service specialises in the recovery of data where there is corruption internal to data such as email systems, documents and spreadsheets. Your damaged or corrupted data will be examined by data recovery experts with the understanding of a wide range of complex data file organisations and the experience to identify the locations of any problems.

Altirium offer a FREE diagnosis option so that until the diagnosis is completed and a report produced detailing what data can be recovered and the costs for the work, and you have agreed to them, the process will not have cost you anything.

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Data Recovery from Corrupted Data Files

Email Data Recovery

Email forms a large part of the data in any organisation and is critical in daily operations, the loss of an Exchange or Notes system can curtail normal operations within a business and result in lost business and heavy costs. Even damage to a PST file can have a significant impact upon the operation of a business. Where there is corruption of the data in an email system Altirium's first objective is to identify the location of the problem and then to endeavour to work around it so that the system can be recovered with the minimal loss of mail and organisational information. In some instances where the corruption is severe the only option is to salvage objects from within the mail store which does mean that much of the data organisation may be lost, but even then the email data recovery process may result in enough key messages and documents being recovered. For example MS Exchange data recovery work where the pages of the main EDB had to be salvaged from the NTFS file system have resulted in a 90% recovery with much of the folder structure intact, so even catastrophic problems can sometimes not stop a substantial email data recovery.

SQL Database Recovery

Most SQL databases, for example MSSQL and Oracle, are page based with predictable structures which means that not only can corruption be located, but where there are significant structural problems affecting the data that handles the relationships between tables, the individual tables can be salvaged. Whilst this is far from perfect, and will require the re-creation of SCHEMA information, it does mean that a database data recovery can be made and the information that has taken so long to accrue may be saved. Data backed up into export files can also be merged with that salvaged from the main database to give a more complete recovery, for example one Oracle data recovery required a recovery from a RAID system where the first 4GB of each disk had been erased yet it proved practicable to recovery 90% of the data from Oracle Export Files found in free space.

Data Recovery from other types of files

Many other types of data can be affected by corruption resulting from memory problems, file system damage, or other factors. The extent to which data can be recovered varies according to the type of data and the extent of the corruption, but Altirium's data recovery specialists will always do everything possible to get the most complete result. So, if you have problems with spreadsheets, word processing documents or any other type of data a recovery could still be possible.

For any MS Exchange, SQL or other types of data recovery Altirium's experts are available to give you advice and an initial assessment of whether a data recovery is likely to be a viable option.

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