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Computer Forensic Services

Evidence needed from backup tapes, but lacking the IT infrastructure to restore it? Backups can provide an invaluable point in time copy of data that has long gone from a companies disk based systems, but how can you get hold of it?

Altirium’s computer forensic services can give you access to the evidential data that you need, and at the time you need it.

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Tape Forensic Processing Compliance and Governance Forensic Data Recovery
  • Tape Cataloguing services
  • Selective extraction of data from tape archives
  • Email restoration from tapes
  • Exchange "brick-level" email extraction
  • Looking for evidence of criminal activity on systems?
  • Concerned about IT systems abuse?
  • Need to check systems with no impact on morale?
  • Recovery of data from obsolete media and backup formats
  • Extraction of files from damage backup tapes
  • Salvage of data from corrupted archives

Computer Forensic Services

Computer Forensics

Computer Forensics involves the examination of data from any form of data storage. There is plenty of choice of specialists who will provide services relating to disks and USB media, but when you are faced with a box full or room full of backup tapes to whom can you turn?

Forensic Tape Processing

Backup tapes provide an invaluable "snap-shot" of a data from a range of different times. On-line data is transient and open to manipulation, so email and other documents may have been removed before any attempt to perform a forensic examination of any systems could be made. Often attempts to hide incriminating evidence are made in panic, driven by a realisation that detection is imminent, but by then the data is already stored across several months of tape backups and can still be found by a forensic tape examination.

Tape Investigation Services

As regulatory demands increase upon businesses the need to examine data to determine whether there is any thing amiss within a business increases. Having hard disk drive based systems imaged for examination will cause unrest within an organisation and could cause unwarranted disruption. A forensic tape examination can work using the tape archive with little or no impact upon an organisation, the tapes may even be housed off-site and so no-one need know that the forensic examination is being undertaken.

Forensic Data Recovery

Attempts to prevent access to data for forensic examination can range from deletion of files, through the re-formatting of media and erasure of tapes and physical damage. Altirium's data recovery services can be used to recover and secure data for forensic inspection even when data appears to have gone forever.

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