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CD & DVD Data Recovery Service

Have you lost data? Do you have a CD or DVD that you cannot read, perhaps cracked or heavily scored or simply one where attempts to transfer files are terminated by errors from the operating system?

Altirium's CD and DVD data recovery service specialises in the recovery of data from physically damaged disks, and those where file system problems prevent the access to data. Whatever the problem Altirium's data recovery experts are on hand to diagnose the problems and to recover the data that is present on the disk.

Altirium's free data recovery diagnosis means that your CD or DVD will be be worked upon by data recovery experts with the experience and knowledge to recover your data, and that until the diagnosis is completed and a report produced detailing what data can be recovered and the costs for the work, the process will not have cost you anything.

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CD and DVD Disk Data Recovery Services

Physical problems

The most common physical problems with CD and DVD media are cracks and surface scoring. In the case of scratches and scoring the change to the optical characteristics of the plastic media can prevent access to data that is perfectly well recorded. The recovery prospects for scratched media are very good. When there are cracks these usually cause damage to the inner-most area of the recording which means that the data that describes the layout of data on the disk is damaged and the drive will never be able to recognise the disk. Whilst in some cases the damage caused by cracks to the disk can result in too much data loss to make recovery viable, there are many instances where substantial recoveries of photos and other documents have been possible.

Logical problems

Whilst file system related problems are not common with either CD or DVD they are still possible. A memory error whilst formatting data to be committed to either type of disk will result in the stored file system being corrupted, so even through the recording on the disk is perfect, some or all of the stored files might not be accessible. Altirium's data recovery specialists have recovered data from Windows, MAC and Linux formatted CD and DVD, even where there has been apparently severe file system corruption.

Altirium’s CD and DVD data recovery service is based upon a sound technical understanding of both the hardware and file systems used for file storage. At Altirium's software development lab in the UK near London, data recovery utilities are created and tested to give complete low-level control of the data recovery process. So, once the data from a CD or DVD has been secured, it is analysed by an experienced data recovery specialist who can readily identify any problems that exist and so guide the data recovery process to achieve the fullest result.

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