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Why Altirium Is The Answer

If you need a data recovery from a hard disk drive, RAID, tape or other storage media, or if you have data to be converted or migrated from backup tapes or an entire archive, which service do you choose? A web search will return hundreds of results for data recovery or data migration, each purporting to offer the best service, so what sets Altirium apart?

Knowledge & Experience

Altirium's data recovery and migration experts have worked in the industry from as far back as the early 1980s and have dealt with a comprehensive and diverse range of problems and requirements. As data storage has changed through the decades, Altirium's engineers and developers have changed with it pioneering new methods and approaches, and delivering success.


At Altirium the ethos is "find the answer". Often the recovery of data is all about facing something that is supposed to be impossible, and then finding a way to do it. Getting data back from a re-initialised DLT was supposed to be impossible, yet a way was found, recovering files from a UNIX UFS file system when the inode had been re-used was supposed to be impossible, yet Altirium succeeded. By ignoring conventional "wisdom" and setting about any problem with method and the benefit of years of experience, Altirium's data recovery specialists will stop at nothing to achieve success for you.

Altirium's Approach

Altirium  was founded by senior technical staff with a determination to make a difference, to build a company based upon providing a quality service to you the customer, where communication is between the customer and the technical specialist who is doing the work and where what matters is what you need, and not how your requirement can be shoe-horned into a limited service offering with all of the compromises that entails.

With Altirium you can be assured of a professional and confidential service, provided by experts who will work with you to find the right service for you.

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