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Three steps to successful data recovery

Stop! Don't panic

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1. Don't panic A bit of a cliché, but worthwhile advice. When dealing with a failed or failing hard disk drive or tape there is a risk that any action taken when attempting to access data would make the problem worse, or even render your data irrecoverable. Act in haste and you may end up repenting at leisure.

2. Call Altirium our professional technicians are here to help. In the UK 01296 658737. International callers +44 1296 658737. Getting advice from an expert before taking any further action could well save your data. Altirium's helpline connects you with an expert who is not just there to sell you a service, but to give good advice, in some cases this is all you will need to get access to your data and a data recovery service will not be required.

3. Ship your media to Altirium. If you do need a data recovery service then you can ship your tape, hard drive or other media to Altirium for diagnosis. Altirium's standard service diagnosis is FREE and your media will be examined thoroughly by experienced data recovery professionals. Only once a report has been sent to you along with a quotation for any work that is required to recovery your data, and you give written authorisation to proceed, will there be any charges.

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Data Conversion, data migration & computer forensics

If you have tapes, hard drives or any other storage media from which you need to have data transferred or examined then simply phone Altirium's helpline and be connected with an experienced professional who will:

  1. Listen to what you need
  2. Discuss the requirement with you
  3. Advise as to the work required
  4. Provide a quotation for the work

With Altirium this consultation is FREE, even if we need to examine a tape or other media in order to identify the work required.

We are confident that having discussed what you need with one or more of our technical specialists that you will be assured that Altirium are the right people to provide the service that you need

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