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Data Recovery Charges

Altirium operates a two stage data recovery service, with a laboratory diagnosis to determine the cause of any problems and the work required to achieve a recovery, then the data recovery stage where the problems are dealt with and your data is recovered.


A range of data recovery diagnosis service levels are available, ranging from standard scheduled work up to our emergency level diagnosis where work can take place at any time of day or night and will be continuous until completed. The charges for single pieces of media are listed below.

Service Level Duration Cost
Standard 5 business days FREE
Expedite 3 business days £120.00
Premium Continuous 24 hour working £390.00

Once the diagnosis work has been completed a report and quotation will be sent to you detailing what can be recovered and a fixed cost for completing the data recovery. Only if you then give signed authorisation will these charges then apply.

Hard Drive Data Recovery

The costs for data recovery are determined by the work required to get your data back. It is not the volume of data, or the size of the disk or tape, but the nature of the problem and the technical work needed to recover your data that determines the cost.

Hard disk drive data recovery work tends to start in the £300-£500 range where the problems do not require intricate hardware work or data manipulation rising into the £500-£800 range for more complicated problems, but can be above this range for highly complex work.

RAID data recovery is usually more expensive than hard data recovery work but not by much if the problems relate to the RAID hardware rather then to the disk drives. Whilst a badly damaged 12 disk RAID can require a great deal of work if files are to be recovered, the same system with a configuration problem is relatively straightforward.

Tape Data Recovery

Tape data recovery work will typically have a wider band off costs reflecting the greater diversity of tape types and backup formats, and will normally start in the region of £500-£700 for a single tape.

The costs here are based upon the work we see on a regular basis, and costs can be lower or higher than these. It is only once you agree to any charges following the diagnosis that any of these costs will apply, so if you opt for our FREE Data Recovery Diagnosis service you can find out what can be recovered with No Risk and No Obligation.

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